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Aut Vincere Aut Mori.  I bet you are wondering what this means.  Its Latin for "Either to Conquer or to Die"

This Guild conquered all pre ICC, but in the end...all great things come to a horrible ending.

This guild has seen the worst, but we are back with a vengeance

This guild is dedicated to getting back to whats important, which is - having fun in a place that takes you away from everything your Real Life throws at you. We want you to be able to do the things that are the most fun for you, and hopefully make friends with others that have similar interests. There are very few requirements needed to be a part of this guild - you need to have fun and enjoy yourself, and take pride in being a member of one of the most unique guilds on the sever! There are no requirements saying you have to raid, however the events themselves may have some requirements to them. Do what makes you happy, and we are happy with that.
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Guild Rules and Guidelines

Resto13, Nov 16, 10 1:49 PM.
We understand there is a lot to read here, however it is important that you understand what you are getting into. The information provided in the Rules and Guidelines is informational, and available for your reference at any time, however, this must be read before joining the guild.

Ranks and Promotions

Here in Aut Vincere Aut Mori we have a rather simple ranking system. the ranks in place are as follows:

  • GM
  • GM Alt
  • Officer
  • Class Lead
  • Veteran Raider
  • Raider
  • Pvp'r
  • Member
  • Initiate

  • ***IMPORTANT*** The reason for our ranking system is to show what a members preferred play style is. If you are seeking members for a specific event, please check what their rank is to see if it is something they might be interested in doing. This is to avoid bothering those players that wont even consider some events.
  • Once you join the guild, you will be a Initiate. Once the officers have established a relationship with you within the guild, you will be eligible for promotion to a member.
  • If, after that time, the officers decide that you are not what we are looking for, you will be asked to leave the guild. If the officers decide that you are a good fit you will be promoted to a Member.
  • Once you are a Member, an officer will contact you to find out your preferred style of play. This tells us what category you should be in, and will promote you accordingly to Raider, Veteran Raider, or Pvp'r.

Guild Bank

  • Our guild bank currently utilizes twelve (12) bank tabs split between 2 guild banks. Six (6) tabs are usable by members, and six (6) tabs are in a second guild as overflow. The six (6) tabs available are: Odds and Ends, Ask if you need, Random junk, Herbs and Pots, Raiding Mats, and Gems Eternals.
  • the first tab is for deposit only.  Members may deposit anything deemed useful to the guild. Please do not put junk in to the guild bank.
  • The Ask if you need tab is used for holding pre sorted stacks of lower level items for skilling up professions as well as boe items that people may use
  •  The Random Junk is used to hold anything
  • The Herbs and Pots tab is for herbs, inks, and potions. Anything along those lines.
  • The Raiding mats tab is used for Flasks, Feasts, and anything needed for a raid.
  • The Gems Eternals tab is for eternals/primals, and ore.
  • The guild bank gold is used to purchase things for the guild/guild bank. Potions, food, herbs, ore, gems, you name it. If we need it, that's what the gold is for. As the funds continue to grow, the guild repair will remain closed for Raiders and Veteran Raiders until we get enough gold stocked up.  NOTE: We ask that Raiders and Veteran Raiders please do NOT abuse the guild bank repair when its unlocked. Please try to limit the guild repair usage to guild events.

  • The calendar is posted in game at the beginning of each month. The events posted are set up for members to sign up. No event sign up invitations are sent out; it is up to the members of the guild to sign up for the events they wish to participate in.
  • If less than 50% of the event requirement (i.e. less than 5 for 10, or less than 12 for 25) sign up, the event will be canceled. If the event is canceled, the members that signed up may continue with the event, however it will be a pugged event.
  • If a member wishes to attend an event that they did not sign up for, they will have to wait until after the remaining spots have been attempted to be pugged. If we can not get enough pug players to fill the spots, then the members who did not sign up will be permitted to join. Otherwise, they will need to sign up for the following week if they wish to attend.
  • If a member signs up for an event, it is their responsibility to show up on time and ready to go. If a member needs something from the guild bank to be ready to go, they should sign on early enough to ask for what they need (Flasks and feasts will be provided by the Officers, please speak to an officer if there is anything else you need.)
  • If a member wishes to organize their own event on the calendar, they may do so as long as it does not interfere with the already set guild events.
Raid Nights

  • We are a laid back group with several long time players who are looking to raid for fun and progression.
  • Members who have signed up are expected to show up on time and prepared to go.
  • While our aim is to have fun, respect and courtesy for each other is expected. This means: If you signed up, you are there on time and ready to go. Holding up the group is considered disrespectful and may lead to consequences.
  • During the raid, we ask that people are attentive to instructions and their surroundings. Rogues, should you decide to sneak around, don't forget to stealth, same with kitty's...
  • Breaks will be permitted at certain intervals during any given raid. If you do not take care of business during the break, its your own fault. Piss in a cup.
  • *~*~*~*~*~*~*LOOT RULES*~*~*~*~*~*~*
    • 1 item can be rolled on for main spec roll per wing/raid depending on the event.
    • If no main spec rolls, we open it up to all rolls, whether you have received an item or for off spec.
    • ***All greens will be picked up by the Master Looter, held for one boss, and then disenchanted for the guild bank. If you need a green, please send a whisper to the Master Looter ASAP.
  • ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Raid Requirements

  • While there are not many requirements for the guild itself, the raiding is a bit stricter, however the raid itself has a laid back atmosphere.
  • Raiders must know the fights in the raids they plan to attend. Please do your research by reading up on fights and/or watching videos. Most videos for our current encounters/raids may be found on our Videos Forum here on the site.
  • Raiders must know and understand their class, bringing their "A" game in order to progress. This does not mean be uptight or elitist, but know the mechanics of your class and what it brings to the raids. We have class guides on our forums so that any member can go to the forums and research better ways to play their class.
  • If you are signed up for a raid, you are on time and ready to go. If you feel you may be reasonably late, please notify a Officer.
  • We suggest that some mods be installed in order to raid, the most important being Omen and Deadly Boss Mods. Any other mods to enhance your game play are of your choice. 

Nostalgic Nights (Tentative)

  • The drops from the raid or dungeon are vendored and the gold is submitted to the guild bank. If someone has brought a lower level toon, or would like an item that has dropped, they may purchase the item for vendor price.
  • Any raid or dungeon that is prior to Wrath of the Lick King will be considered for Nostalgic Nights, up to and including Black Temple and Sunwell.
  • Horseplay and goofing off are encouraged during Nostalgic Nights, however try not to wipe the group.

HAG - Heroic Achievement Groups (Tentative)

  • HAG is designed to help anyone that is working on achievements, specifically in the Northrend Heroics.
  • The ultimate goal of HAG is to get people the achievement [Glory to the Hero] which rewards a Red Proto Drake mount.
  • We ask that you keep patience in this event, as there may be many wipes while attempting for some of these achievements.

BRIG - Bragging Rights Instance Groups (Tentative)

  • BRIG is basically races between two (2) or more teams from the guild. There are wagers per group (I.E. 10g per member) and the funds go to the guild bank. The winning team may receive their gold back if they wish.
  • BRIG is rather fast paced and requires coordination between the members of each team. The winning team will get bragging rights for being the fastest members around.
  • There is no limit to how many dungeons can be done. If multiple dungeons are run, it will be the most wins out of total runs. Runs must be done in Odd number increments to prevent a tie.
  • This is friendly competition between guildies, and is intended to be fun, and help get the members working as a single unit. Unity will keep raids running smoothly.

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Resto13, Nov 16, 10 12:54 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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